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Business Development

Discover the keys to entrepreneurial success with GTS Startup Training School by Gift-Tech Solutions. Our dynamic short courses empower startup (co)founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners with essential skills in critical and design thinking, business development, entrepreneurship, financial management, business documentation, record-keeping, marketing, and technology. Elevate your business acumen and navigate the challenges of the startup landscape with expert guidance and practical knowledge from industry professionals. Unleash your potential and turn your startup dreams into reality with GTS Startup Training School.

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Computer/IT Training

Gift-Tech Solutions offers comprehensive Computer/IT Training programs designed for beginners and individuals new to the tech industry. Our 3 to 6-month short courses provide a solid foundation in various essential areas of technology. Participants will embark on a journey that covers an Introduction to Computer and the Windows environment, Computer Hardware Servicing, Microsoft Office proficiency, Computer Networking essentials, Website Development, UI/UX Design principles, Mobile App Development, Data Science fundamentals, Graphic Design techniques, and skills in Blogging & Vlogging. Whether you’re aspiring to enter the world of digital marketing or seeking to enhance your overall digital skills, Gift-Tech Solutions’ training ensures a hands-on and practical learning experience, equipping you with the knowledge and expertise needed for a successful career in the ever-evolving field of technology.



Gift-Tech Solutions offers an engaging Basic ICT Training for Kids, meticulously designed to empower children aged 5 to 16 with essential digital skills. Prepare your child for the future by immersing them in a tailored learning experience that covers basic computer environments, Windows OS navigation, MS Office applications, fundamental programming skills, and more. Unlock your child’s potential in the digital era with our specialized training, fostering confidence and proficiency in the world of technology from an early age.

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