Hi, am Emmanuel and am going to be your instructor for this course. Our Microsoft Word course is split into three (3) different courses. These are: Microsoft Word For Beginners Microsoft Word For Intermediate Learners Microsoft Word For Advance Learners You are required to complete all three courses to be eligible for our auto-generated certificate. You would not be eligible for receiving a certificate if you don’t complete all three (3) courses as indicated. This is the Microsoft Word for beginners course designed for people who a new or have little knowledge of the use of Microsoft Word applications. In this course we would look at: How to start Microsoft Word on your computer Overview of the Microsoft Word User Interface How to create a document in Microsoft Word How to save, close and reopen saved documents Save to different document types Work with text in Microsoft Word application Printing document in Microsoft Word How to get help or support while using Microsoft Word Remember you can only access Microsoft Word for Intermediate Learners if this course is not completed. After completing this course, you should be able to: Open or start Microsoft Word on windows computers Create a document in Microsoft Word Save a document in Microsoft Word Close and reopen saved documents in Microsoft Word Print Microsoft Word documents through a printer NEXT: Coming Soon! Visit our localized Online learning platform