Computer networks are a set of computers connected to one another that share data and resources through a server. They are built using a combo of hardware and software.

Servers are an architecture that allows your other devices to function and communicate with one another. Servers provide a wide range of functionality including sharing data and resources among multiple clients. It’s also your businesses central area to store data and various other programs that are shared by the people in this network. The most massive example of servers sharing resources is our everyday connection to the internet. The best example how this works in an everyday office environment is a printer. Printers are shared resources connected to a server that everyone in the office shares.

What else does a computer network do?

  • Enables vital office functionalities such as video conferencing and email
  • Makes information much easier to access and maintain in a business or law enforcement environment
  • Allow multiple users to share a printer, scanner or other devices to increase efficiency
  • Allow files to be shared across a network
  • Allows the sharing of operating programs or software

GTS can help you set up and manage your servers to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. Our networking services include but are not limited to:

  • Network Design
    • The design depends on your work environment and what you want it to achieve
    • We will assess your business and design the best possible network to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Server Setup and Implementation
    • Setting up a network takes careful planning and a lot of time
    • We will set everything up for you so you can focus on growing your business
  • Ongoing Server Upgrades and Support
    • Setting up a computer network isn’t as simple as flipping a switch
    • We will handle the ongoing upgrades and support necessary to keep everything up and running
  • Software Implementation
    • You need the right software installed to ensure all the devices communicate effectively with one another
  • Spam Filtering
    • Spam is a huge problem that wastes valuable resources
    • Our team will set up spam filters to ensure your network is working at maximum efficiency
  • Network Firewall and various other Security Solutions
    • In a business environment, security is paramount
    • Our network firewall and security solutions will block and defend you from incoming attacks
  • File Recovery in the event of a disaster
    • Life happens which can result in the loss of massive amounts of valuable data
    • Our team will recover any and all lost files in the event of a disaster
  • System backup, restoration, and optimization
    • We will continually optimize your system to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Your data will be backed up and restored as needed