Our founder and CEO reveals our next project (Local Internet) on social media.

Our founder and CEO reveals our next project (Local Internet) on social media.

Our founder and CEO reveals a tip on our upcoming project title local internet. The project seeks to reduce the amount of data usage and the high cost of the internet bundle. We believe access to information and resources should not be very expensive to access. The cost of internet and connectivity challenges in remote areas in Ghana makes it difficult to fully utilised the numerous benefit the internet brings. As indicated by our founder in his post below:

We at Gift-Tech Solutions believe that various technological tools can help create a localised subweb (local internet) such as Metropolitan or Municipal Area Network (MAN), District Area Network (DAN) or Campus Area Network (CAN) that allow us to duplicate the resources on the internet for local consumption without the user having to buy expensive data bundles to access poor network connectivity just to learn, watch videos, listen to music, or even download resources.

You might think this is impossible or the technology does not exist, but the good news is that the technologies both software and hardware exit, and can easily be purchase. What is left is the funding or capital to implement the project.

We have already started but we need support to purchase more hardware and do more testing in terms of access, connectivity, security among others. With these solutions, our founder Emmanuel Preko Boamah believes that we can create e-learning platforms for Ghanaian students in various communities without creating an extra burden of internet cost on parents or users.

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