Congratulations to me on successfully making impacts in a challenging year (2020).

Congratulations to me on successfully making impacts in a challenging year (2020). My impact journey for the year started as an Organizing Team (OT) member for Europe/Africa zone at UNLEASH Covid-19 Hack, 2020. The UNLEASH
Covid-19 Hack was a global digital hackathon designed to collectively address some of the challenges humanity is facing due to the spread and effect of the Covid-19 virus. After the hack, I took another role as a full stack website development trainer for Women’s Haven Africa in the Ghana Tech Lab PaSE Project sponsored by World Bank Africa and Mastercard
Foundation. I trained 16 young ladies in Website Development using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Nodejs and Python for six (6) weeks.
During the same period, I took part in the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020 in Google Cloud track. I had to watch over 100+ hours of lesson videos on Pluralsight using Qwiklabs for practical exercises. I made it to the Project phases of the program. While in the Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020, I also took part in the #Build4SDG by
Andela and #Facebook, where I start a project call #qwikjobs. Qwikjobs is a platform intended to help linked Jobs to individuals within Ghana.
I also took another role as OT member for UNLEASH Hack 2020, Ghana. The Hack took talents through a collaborative 2-day event, organized by UNLEASH Alumni and passionate talents who worked with local stakeholders and community leaders to collectively solve problems and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). I am currently working as the tech lead for Women’s Haven Africa in the Ghana Tech Lab incubation where we are incubating the startup #MedApp_gh to develop a HealthTech platform to support Chronic diseases patients in Ghana.
In the middle of all these impacts, my laptop breakdown adding to the high cost of internet, as most of these events were done online. I had to borrow laptops from family and friends just to make sure I catch up with most of the projects. This affected my productivity level in some of these programs, though I managed to complete some, other I could not complete fully.
Any assistance to secure financial support to help my business was not fruitful. Talk of the NBSSI Ghana CAP Business Support Scheme, National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme-NEIP Business Support, and the pending COVID-19 Emergency Relief Funding by Mastercard Foundation, among other.
It really sad when you have the passion to support impact but can’t access the needed resources to help you. As it stands now my laptop is so weak to the extent that it can’t even run Microsoft Office applications, to even talk of VScode, Mongodb, Ampps Server, Noe4j, MySQL, python, NodeJS, Git, among others.
As a developer, who is supporting social impact, such challenges really affect the kind of support am currently given to some startups and businesses with the ecosystem. It even more sad to open mails to see all the certificates that acknowledge and recognition my work and impact coming from big institutions like Andela, Ghana Tech Lab, UNLEASH,
Google Africa Developer Scholarship 2020, Pluralsight, etc.
To everyone that supported the passion, I say God Richly Bless You All!!!
More impact in the coming years to make this world a better place.

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