Sunyani, Bono Region

APPLY NOW: Designing and Prototyping React App with BuilderX

Now more than ever, the world is confronted with the new covid-19. This has resulted in businesses and individuals finding ways of getting their business online to stop the spread and encourage people to stay home.

Developers and Designers need to speed up their App Development Cycle to ensure quick prototyping and coding of source code, and as such, we’d like to host our very first virtual workshop for the year 2020 on how React-Native developer can speed up their app designing and prototyping with BuilderX.

Interested participants can apply using the link provided below and in the flier.

The workshop starts on 13th May 2020.

APPLY HERE: https://forms.gle/yrKhyiS1QKsY1zAf6

Deadline: 10th May, 2020  

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